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Thomas Rendon

 As a self-driven, goal-oriented individual, Sweetwater Energy Services President and Owner, Thomas E. Rendon, has continued to succeed in various fields as both a sales leader and executive manager. Early in his career, Thomas gained valuable sales and general manager leadership in the real estate market. His experience in sales, management, and leadership development grew across various industries throughout the coming years, as Thomas held sales management roles in both the auto industry and diverse roles within the finance industry.

 When the opportunity to capitalize on a local business in the solar industry became available, it was only natural that Thomas embraced his sense of challenge and adventure, coupled with his knowledge of finance, management and development, he took over as the President and Owner of Sweetwater Energy Services in 2018. The company is a forward-thinking, solar energy provider with a strong customer base in both residential and commercial solar systems in and around both the greater Houston area, throughout Victoria and along the Texas coast line. As the company continues to grow, supported by not only national and environmental law and federal/state tax regulations, Rendon and his family remain grounded and rooted in their local community and the betterment of it. In the spare time that they have outside of Sweetwater operations and management of his custom auto shop, “Cash Customs”, Thomas and his wife Deborah Rendon have dedicated their time to a local ministry called “Jeans for Teens”, which his wife founded in 2014. They are also part of a larger ministry, “Restoration House Ministries” that caters to homeless, battered and single moms. For the past 4 years, Thomas and his family-owned businesses have donated 25% of their profit back into their community to aid in various ministry efforts.

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Don Parker

Don Parker has been in the Electrical business for over 40 years. Originally an Electrical assistant, wiring houses and progressing to become a Production Supervisor at a Cogen plant for a local Chemical Plant. The Solar industry sparked Don’s interest as he explored purchasing a system for his own personal home. After seeing the true benefits of Solar, Don decided to join Sweetwater Energy Services as a Team Member. He is passionate about educating potential Customers on why Solar is the sensible choice to eliminate their electrical bill forever.

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Scott taylor

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