Sweetwater Energy Services only offers the best for our clients and has partnered with Sungage Financial to provide a different, better way to Go Solar.

In 2009, Sungage co-founder & CEO, Sara Ross was exploring options for installing solar on her roof. After speaking with a local solar company, she discovered that she could generate all the electricity for her household and stop paying the utility. The opportunity to save was clear, but the path forward in terms of financing options was murky.

Her local bank didn’t understand solar. She didn’t have enough equity (or time) to take out a second mortgage. And a solar lease wasn’t appealing since she’d forfeit most of the value and give up control to a third-party.

Sara was looking for an easy way to finance her purchase of a solar energy system and it didn’t exist. So, she set out to fill the gap and deliver an easy way for homeowners to capture all the benefits of going solar.

She started by lending out her daughter’s college savings fund to local homeowners who wanted to go solar. When the idea proved popular, she proceeded to build a business bridging the gap between homeowners, installers, and financial institutions.

Since those early days, we’ve continued to grow, focusing exclusively on delivering consumer-friendly financing options that make it easy for homeowners to go solar and save more money. Homeowners like us. Like you.


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